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The benefit of a wellness program

Wellness programs are organized by companies for their employees. They include various measures. Anti smoking campaigns, regular health checks and the like are organized to ensure a healthy physical and psychological lifestyle for the employees of the organization. While the overt motive is to ensure a healthy lifestyle for the employees, the main aim of these programs is to increase the profit margin of the organizations.

Wellness programs benefit the implementing organizations in multifarious manners. By ensuring a healthy lifestyle for employees, it reduces absenteeism on grounds of health. If the family of employees can also be included then it also erodes the chances of employees being absent on the grounds of the ill health of some family member. It ensures the fitness of the employees, which leads to better productivity at the job. As the wellness programs also acts as an incentive, it brings down the rate of attrition at the organization, reducing the costs of recruitment. A better working environ is created as a result of the employees being fitter, physically as well as psychologically. This increases the output or productivity of the company leading to better profit margins for the country.

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One of the many studies done recently, shows that the investment in corporate wellness programs of employees has gone up by approximately sixty percent within a time span of five years between the year 2000 and 2004. This happened because of the rising costs of employee healthcare. A study has shown that companies have had to spend more than sixteen hundred dollars on diseases caused by smoking only. And this does not include the diseases caused by passive smoking. Another study carried out in the year showed that obesity related healthcare problems are also a major source of health related expenditure incurred by companies. As a result it makes more financial sense to invest in employee wellness programs, than incur higher losses in the future.

This is the main reason why the management of most of the forward looking organizations are investing in the wellness programs which yield high returns, albeit in an intangible manner.

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