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Employee Wellness program - What is it?

In the contemporary workplace human resources are highly valued. Employers
understand, employees make or break the success of a company and therefore
seek to ensure employees are able to maintain a consistent level of
productivity. The health and well-being of employees is important to the
modern employer. Wellness programs are becoming commonplace within working

Wellness programs are implemented by a third party company that takes care
of the health and well-being of employees within the company. Employee
wellness programs vary from health screening and nutritional advice to
fitness programs and education.

Companies employ these third party agencies to try to offset the cost of
rising medical cover for their employees. Wellness programs are designed to
ensure the physical well being of employees is being looked after however
these kinds of programs have benefits for both the employer and the
employee. Employer benefits include a reduction in sickness related
absenteeism and a reduction in the time employees take off in general.
Other benefits for the company are reduced medical cover costs and a more
educated and healthy work force. Ensuring the health of employees within a
company is highly contusive to a happy and productive work place.

Employee wellness programs also have a lot of benefits for employees.
Wellness programs often involve some form of education. From smoking
cessation programs to weight loss to biometric testing and diabetes
screening these programs at the very least raise awareness around important
health issues. This awareness can have a drastic effect on employee health
and lifestyle. Employee wellness programs aim to improve family health in
order to improve the overall wellness of the individual employee.

The basic idea behind employee wellness programs is to align the needs of
the company with those of the individual in order to implement a more cost
effective solution to health care. The programs education focuses on
reducing the need for health care in the future by preventing health
problems through education and training. This benefits both the employer
and the employee as while the company reduces its outlay in medical cover
the employee reaps the benefits of these programs.

While there has been no hard numerical evidence as to the value of employee
wellness programs the qualitative substantiation is very apparent.
Workplace wellness programs increase the productivity of the employee as
well as contributing to their overall lifestyle. A happy and health
workplace has proven to be a productive and effective one. To further explore the cost of implementing an employee wellness program please click the link.

wellnessquotes dot com :: Any individual or party may link to or copy this article as long as the article remains unedited, and left intact exactly as is with this copyright notice included at the beginning or end of the article.

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